Do you have a desire to reach your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ—but you don’t know what to do or say? This resource is designed to help and motivate you. There are many great ways to reach people for Jesus! You can write and tell your own personal faith story, print your story for distribution, produce your own story-video, answer people’s tough questions, share the gospel in a clear way, and make your workplace a mission-purposed place! Whatever suits your fancy, just sow it! Scroll down to see the exciting menu. 

How to Expand Your Relationships and Start Spiritual Conversations

Most people come to Jesus through someone they know. Therefore, you need to cultivate relationships with people far from God. But how?  How can you move a conversation from casual conversation to spiritual topics?

It’s Imperative You Expand Your Friendships:

·        [pdf]  How to Expand Your Relationships with People Far from God

·        [pdf]  How to Transition from Small Talk to Spiritual Talk

Writing and Printing Your Personal Faith Story

When we have an opportunity to share Jesus with someone, we need to be ready to tell them our story. Writing your story beforehand helps you be ready at a moment’s notice! Also, an extremely effective way to share your faith story, is by printing it to give away. Sometimes we make connections with people, but don’t have the time or the opportunity to share our faith. Giving someone a printed story by saying, “Here, I wrote this. This is my faith story, and I’d like to give it you,” is a great way of making the most of every opportunity. People are receptive to something you personally wrote!

The following video and documents will help you write and print an effective personal story. Consider using the templates for your story!

Why Print Your Own Personal Story?

·        [pdf]  Why Print Your Personal Faith Story?

·        [pdf]  How to Write Your Personal Faith Story

·        [pdf]  How to Print Your Personal Faith Story

·        [Word]  An Example and Template: Mary’s Story

·        [Word]  An Example and Template: Ryan’s Story

How Produce Your Own Story Video for Social Media

How would you like to look someone right in the eye and tell them your personal faith story with heart and compassion—without leaving your computer chair? You can, by producing your own PFS video. The following  videos explain all the “whys” and “hows” of  producing your own PFS video right on your own computer. It’s easy!  Anyone can do it! This is a great way to publish your story for social media. Send it to your friends and relatives all over the world! Maybe your own video story will even go viral!

How to Produce Your Own Video Story

[pdf]  How to Produce a Good Video Story

Example: Karl’s Story

How to Share the Gospel

Do you know what to say when a person asks you, “How can I know God?”  With the following resources, you can discover various tools and techniques to communicate the gospel well and be prepared!

How to Talk Through the “Do You Know for Certain?” booklet

Demonstration: Talking Someone Through the Booklet

How to Use the LIFE NOW Bible Studies

[Link]  The pdf’s  of the LIFE NOW Bible Studies

The first booklet is entitled Begin in Christ and contains a good, interactive Bible study that works through the gospel thoroughly. 

[Link] A complete  Gospel Presentation using the ‘Cross Diagram’ 

             Watch Bill Young lead Steele Croswhite to the Lord!

[Link]  An On-Line Gospel Presentation

This is very powerful gospel presentation. Use this link in e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Include this link at the end of your printed story to complete it with the gospel.

Praying People To Heaven

God is the one who opens up people’s minds to the gospel. It is spiritual work. It is His work.  We must, therefore, learn how to pray for people to get saved. Watch this video and start praying!

The JUST SOW IT Bookmark

This is a pdf of a bookmark that you can print and use. It is a wonderful tool to write down people you know who are far from God and begin praying for them. Coming the second week of August!

[pdf] The JUST SOW IT bookmark

How to Answer Tough Questions

Sometimes our friends will ask us tough questions about faith, the Bible, and Jesus. Some people have honest questions that need to be answered. If you don’t know how to answer a tough question, then say, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I will get back with you.” Then come to this resource page and find the answer!

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