June 22 & July 1

Talk Less, Say More


Everyone wants to be heard, right? But how we go about it might hinder our effectiveness. The Bible gives us a model to follow which is contrary to our natural inclinations and the culture. But here’s the important thing – it works! Join us starting July 6, 8 for practical teaching we can all use in becoming more like Christ in how we communicate with others.


You will need the workbook to take notes at the services, AND to help you get spiritually ready for MTOC! Please join us on this journey!

Serve at Evergreen

Don't miss an opportunity to use the talents and skills that God has given you. It doesn't matter what talents you possess, there's a spot for you to serve your church family and meet some great people in the process! Go to HERE or go on our app and select Next Steps.

Fast. Pray. Worship. Together.

All-Location Worship and Prayer

Sunday, July 8, 5:00-9:00 PM, Evergreen-Bloomington, Auditorium. We are on the eve of an all-location mission week to love our neighbors and share the hope of Christ. Please join us for an all-location gathering of worship, prayer, and fasting as we believe God to humble, equip, and embolden us. We will pray that God will break spiritual strongholds and advance His kingdom. If you cannot attend, please consider fasting all day on Sunday and joining us in spirit by praying.

Mission To Our City:

July 25-29

For the first time in our 30-year history, all five of our church locations are hosting a local mission trip and online registration is officially open. As a part of Kingdom Builders, we will be out serving our community with acts of kindness and love, service projects, prayer, and sharing of the Gospel. This will be an incredible uniting time for our church. You’ve just got to be there! You can register on our app in Events or online HERE.

Mission to our City


Go to Events in this app.

To cover the cost of Mission To Our City, we’re asking for a $50/person “suggested donation.” Can’t give that much, no problem. Can give more, great! We don’t want money to stop anyone from participating. These donations will go into our Kingdom Builders fund.

Team Sign Up!

After you register, please take the next step by going to HERE and sign up for the team(s) that you would specifically like to be a part of. You can also sign up using the Evergreen app. Signing up won't preclude you from being involved in other aspects of MTOC but it will assist our team leaders with their planning. Questions? Contact Pastor Tim Weber.

Service Projects

Look around. Listen and report! We need ideas for service projects for MTOC.
Any idea is worth submitting. We’ll fit in whatever we can with available work teams. Contact Pastor Mike Olmstead, 612-750-7989.